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A nice feature of the BMW Tech Tips pages are the photoalbums.

Offering each user a personal space to upload pictures for their articles and documents which are published on the BMW Tech Tips pages here.

Another use for the photoalbum is that all users who request it will receive one or more extra albums under the BMW Owners Photoalbum. If you'd like an album to showcase your vehicle(s) please enter the Forums (click on Forum from the menu on the left) and post a message in the Request section. Of course you need to have registered at these pages or the forum to get access to the Request section.

Each request must include the following;

  • Your login ID / username
  • List of vehicle(s) including the last 7 digits in the VIN-number / chassisnumber

The VIN/chassisnumber is used to name the photoalbum and also acts as a sort of member register.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome in the forum.